Flaretec is a specialist design and manufacturing company with a worldwide reputation for the supply of quality and reliable industrial process systems.

We specialize globally in tailor made solutions for direct and, in-direct fired process heaters including water bath heaters and, convection heaters, and a wide range of process equipment.

Our product capabilities range from ASME approved pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipework systems and process skid modules.

Our products and services are custom designed to assist with our clients specific project requirements.

Through our dedicated engineering and management team, we offer exceptional customer relationships and complete project solutions starting at conception, and managed through the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning phase with after sales technical support and maintenance programs.

Flaretec has expanded its global presence with its central sales, engineering, management and aftermarket support team based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. Our manufacturing and site service capabilities have been enhanced with a new Middle East presence that adds extensive fabrication and machining facilities, with over 60,000 square meters. To accommodate our extended manufacturing capacity, we have additional site service teams operated from the UA.E.

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